Two Improvement Ideas: Shortcut for Timestamp and Repeat Sign Android

Hello Team,

thanks for this app. I bought its a couple of weeks ago and it has a masssiv postive impact on my daily work.
Two small Points:
1 Shortcut for inserting an Timestamp (like 20200520 13:51) so an user could insert an update to an task and dont need to write the complete timestamp… shortcut and go on… so we could get more out of the brain to the app.

the other point is the logo of the “master” Task for repeating tasks on a smartphone (android). could you and an maker that this was an “master” Task which was not for working on? working only on the resulting tasks? thanks that would be great. Or ia am the only one how has a probleme to unterstand how this logic runs?

Thanks and go on! great app!!



I can see how the timestamp feature could sometimes be useful, but I’m not sure most users would need it often. At the same time, there are other ways to achieve this functionality, for example autohotkey on Windows.

The Template (master) action does not have a checkbox, so it cannot be completed. Here’s the documentation page that explain repeating actions.

Yes it has no checkbox but have you tried swipe right on the master action on Android? When the action was closed.

I see, well this is not intended, it’s just a bug in the app :slight_smile: