UI discrepancy between Focus tallies on Linux and Android

Cheers Andrei!

Thank you for creating Everdo. It is currently the best cross platform GTD implementation that I’ve yet found after using multiple applications across 10 years.

The Focus list tally of due and total tasks shown in the left window is reversed between Linux and Android implementations. Linux shows Due/Total. Android shows Total/Due.

Having the more important information to the left for Romance language based UIs seems more optimal, Due tally is more important than Total and certainly more urgent, so the Linux implementation is preferred (at least by me).

Importance: Very low. This tally isn’t used much and is easily worked around. From a product perspective, it lowers the level of consumer confidence in the robustness of Everdo only a tiny amount especially since many people won’t even notice this.

Urgency: Very low. The workaround can continue indefinitely.
Recommendation: Put this at the bottom of the bug list triage. Maybe only touch it if you’re in that area of code and going to be testing the display anyway.

My testing environment:
LG Journey L322DL on Android 10 with both 16GB and 32GB versions of phone
Samsung Galaxy A11 on Android 11
Lenovo X61 with Linux Mint 20.3 v5.2.7
MacBook Pro 2009 15.4" with Linux Mint 20.3 v5.2.7