Undo doesn't work after shortcut action

How to reproduce:

  1. select item in Inbox or a project
  2. press “x”, “space” or “d” to remove, mark as done or set due date accordingly
  3. click Edit -> Undo or use a shortcut


  • the item returns to the previous state


  • the item keeps the last state

Everdo 1.3.8
MacOS Mojave 10.4.16

I appreciate you taking the time to write this up. Unfortunately, the undo/redo shortcuts and menu items indeed only work for text fields within the app, but not for other features like the those that you mentioned. Supporting undo across the whole app is a major feature and I doubt it provides significant value to most users. Hence it will probably stay like this for a while.

I see, it’s a pity, that it’s only me who can unintentionally press x and then look for disappeared item :slight_smile:

In this scenario you can simply navigate to Trash and see your accidentally deleted item at the top of the list.