Waiting task in Sequential Project misbehave

Hi, as far as I understand a concept, top task in sequential project should blocks following task, and it works this way unless you make top task as a Waiting task. As soon as task is marked as Waiting it’s top task anymore and following task become available in Next section. My expectation that it should continue block the rest of the tasks in sequential project. Am I wrong or it is a design issue?

Waiting and Next are treated as two separate lists, so one has no bearing on the other.

In general, if you move a project action to Waiting, it doesn’t mean your whole project becomes blocked. What if you have next actions which are not blocked?

In cases where the whole project is indeed blocked, I usually just move the whole project to Waiting. It’s not 100% semantically correct, but I think it’s close.

Alternatively you could add a blocked label to the project and filter out its action from every list by excluding the label.

I’ll change the category of this thread, since this behavior is mostly intended.