What other todo apps have you used? Why did you switch?


Now that I am forced to use a Windows OS at my new work, I was compelled to find a windows counterpart for my current GTD app - 2Do. Good thing I came across with Everdo app because they are very similar. Similar with any To Do app, 2Do has all the basic features (and more), the ‘clean’ interface plus the ‘sync’ feature across devices using cloud. The only caveat with 2Do is that there is no Windows version.

With work now, I choose Everdo because it feels more familiar. I love the minimalist interface. The notebook feature as well. However, a Calendar, Smart Search and a Mobile Sync feature would be a great addition to Everdo app.


Mobile is coming. What’s Smart Search?


It is basically a saved search you can create to match your needs. For example, you can list down tasks on a specific list with specific tags on a specific date range.


Got it. That’s a really nice feature. Hopefully someday we’ll get to it.



For quite some years now, I have been using OmniFocus. I already started using it when specific GTD apps where still rare and actually never looked back. Lately, I want to break loose of the Apple only ecosystem. The latest Apple Event with the newly presented iPhones confirmed it again for me. I can no longer justify to myself paying >$1000 for a phone that is similar to an Android phone which costs about half.

Now what do I depend on from a functional viewpoint?

  • Parallel & Sequential tasks in a project: was glad to see this was added to 1.1.8. I depend a lot on this and most of the other tools I’m testing at the moment lack this completely. However, when I set the first task of a sequential list to Waiting, it doesn’t block the next task to appear in the Next list.
  • Perspectives: in OmniFocus, the Projects section list all my projects, with all my tasks in it. The Context section gives me a similar view but with all my tasks grouped by context. Perspectives are my persistent but custom views over all my tasks. This corresponds quite a bit with the Smart Searches or Saved Searches mentioned already
  • Review: regular review of your lists and projects is one of the cornerstones of GTD. One of the settings of each OmniFocus project is how often you want to review that project. For example, project A on a weekly basis, while project B only on a monthly basis. Once that period expired, that project shows up in the Review section.

So currently reviewing Everdo as a possible replacement for OmniFocus. You are already coming close. :wink: