What other todo apps have you used? Why did you switch?

Exactly. You had to adjust a lot of the boxes on the right-hand side and like you said - be really disciplined. What frustrated me was setting up the logic parameters for the Active lists for work and home. It’s so much easier with Everdo where you just switch areas and then have Focus,Next,Scheduled etc.

Never used MLO but can comment on preference for extensive hierarchy.

Everdo is a fantastic and pureist implementation of GTD. The key is in the name - Getting Things Done. It is a system designed for task completion and therefore works from the bottom up, with less consideration for how well does something link to higher horizon goals - or not.

In contrast the more hierarchical approaches are top-down and lean towards “Dropping things that shouldn’t be done”. Take something as simple as an Eisenhower/Covey matrix - 75% is about stuff that you should delegate, delay or drop altogether rather than do. When you throw in folders/projects on top of that, then all the fiddly bits and needs to rejig increase dramatically with the amount of “fluff” i.e. the more stuff that does not have a direct link to Horizon 5 or 4 items.

One is more about efficiency the other about effectiveness. They both have a role


I just wanted to say that since today Everdo is my only one task manager app. I’m happy :slight_smile:


An idea to wake up ?

Tried many, many tools. …
Started with Thinking Rock and used it for years. It is such a great piece of software and I deeply wonder why is not that much supported / known. Those Australian guys did indeed a great job on the idea of implementing gtd. But unfortunately they lack a designer. I had quite some troubles with the synchronisation between pc and smartphone and lost my new input data several times. That feeling of unsecurety made me finally think of searching for a different tool. :frowning:

After a long search I went to Todoist because I really liked the interface and therefore I DID actually use the software on a daily basis, especially on the phone. The interface kept me motivated because it was easy to use. I left it because it is very much build on the idea of putting things on a certain date. I found myself loosing a lot of time for changing dates. I didn’t find a good way of making it easily work with the gtd idea of putting as less things on a specific date.

What I would like to have in Everdo is the implementation of “goals”. Right now I will keep myself reminded on my goals with in a notebook. But I deeply miss the way the people at Thinking Rock solved the integration of thinking about the “WHY” of the actions.


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For note taking apps similar to EverNote, have a look at OneNote, Notion, Obsidian, Joplin, Google Keep and more.