When and how to use Someday or Notebooks

I can not decide for what kind of items I’m going to use the someday lists and when to use notebooks.
At the moment I have a terrible mix and need to reorganize that part of my system.
I thought before I do this I’ll ask how other utilize those everdo functions in the light of GTD.
One approach could be to use the notebooks more for the maybe part of the “someday /maybe” concept of GTD and the Someday list more for those actions that are likely to move back to the next list sooner than later.

On the other hand notebooks seems to relate more to general reference material, like checklists and project templates.

How do you use those parts of everdo / GTD?

I use Someday pretty much as defined in GTD - actions and projects that I would like to work on eventually, but not right now.

I mainly use Notebooks to hold various lists of things that are not necessarily actions. For example books to read, movies to watch, goals, travel ideas, gift ideas per person, frequently used links for each area, and so on. I don’t need all this cluttering my Next or Someday.

Pretty much the same here. I have notebooks for things like gift ideas or pending articles to read, and also checklists.
Someday is for ideas of things I may do in the future.

Thanks for sharing. I think over the years I got somewhat unprecise and blurry about what actually is actionable and really needs doing VS. might do and isn’t really actionable. I really have to draw a sharp line between those.