When is dark mode ever coming to IOS?

I seriously hate opening this app at night. The second I open it in my dim room, my eyes gets blessed by the power of the sun and I experience visions of the future.

I’ve been using this software for 2 years and I’ve been i’ve been waiting for this feature the whole time. It got soo bad, i switched to Nirvana for a bit but everdo is better imo. I‘m sure the developer/s are busy but wouldn’t this feature be easy to implement on mobile? I’m only a intermediate programmer so humble me if i’m wrong.


Really would love for this to be implemented. Might not seem like a big deal but no dark mode has me considering other apps

I agree it’s an important feature. However it’s quite a big chunk of work, so difficult to predict when it will be implemented on iOS. I think it should probably be prioritized higher considering the demand.

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Please also for Android, if possible.

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