When project description is long, the content is clipped and not scrollable

The content window of a project has no scrollbars, i.e. every text in the window, that does not fit in the current visible area is not readable. Also, the actions below are not visible. The window does have scrollbars however, if you are in the editing mode.
In my memory, this bug was 2 or 3 versions of everdo ago not there.

Thank you for reporting!

I’m having a hard time reproducing this issue. Could you please create a demo project where the bug appears and post a screenshot? You can attach it here, PM me here, or send it by email to info@everdo.net.

I’m going to assume this is about the desktop app. Could you please specify your operating system?

OS Ubuntu 18.04 64bit (Unity), also tested Ubuntu (Gnome) 20.04 clean install, same behavior.
See attached screenshot. Thanks for the quick response.