Will there be a price increase in 2019

Hi Andrei,
I’ve been testing Everdo for a few weeks now and do seem to be getting on with it. I haven’t yet hit the limits of the free version (although i am enjoying my ESS sync trial) however it may be the case in the future that I need to go Pro.

I read somewhere in the pricing literature that you plan on increasing the cost of Everdo Pro and the ESS subscription in the future, although those already subscribed will be grandfathered in. Can you shed any light on when this may happen, will there be any warning? If I end up expanding into Everdo as my primary task manager I’d like to get in on the ground level but I’m not quite ready to commit yet.



I don’t know about 2019. There will be an announcement at least a few weeks in advance. At least here and on the email list.

Thankyou Andrei. Will there be any kind of Black Friday sale in the coming month? I find myself already bumping up against the free feature set but $80 is a touch beyond me at the moment.