Add task first in a list


I often find that I want to add tasks using a keyboard shortcut on desktop first in a list. Using β€œn” today adds a tasks in the end. Is there a shortcut to do this? If not, can it please be added? :slight_smile: For example β€œN” for first and β€œn” for last?



Tobias, I agree this is definitely useful. it is already in the backlog with higher priority.

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Additionaly, a shortcut to move the selected task to the top or the bottom of the current list would be even more useful.

This might be done as part of β€œShortcuts for re-ordering of items”. Although you make a good point that the having the re-ordering shortcuts makes the Ability to create items at the top of the current list less valuable and thus lower priority.

The newly created task should be automatically selected, so pressing another hot key moves it to the top. So:

  1. Press n to create task
  2. Fill in task info and enter (or similar) to create
  3. Press t (or similar hotkey) to move to top.
    Something like that?

Should be very easy to also include a hotkey to directly create it on top though i guess.

Thanks for being so active in the forum Andrei!