Android: Allowing to create shortcuts for different views/tags


I’d like to suggest an improvement for a somewhat workaround of the discussed location-based activation of contexts (i.e. area tags). It should be a lot easier to implement and is way more privacy-sensitive:

  • Allowing to create shortcuts for pre-defined views (e.g. the Next list) with certain tags applied (e.g. “@Home”)

Be patient with me non-native speaker, but I’ll explain what I mean:

Some apps on Android allow the creation of 1x1 widgets, e.g. the contacts app to create shortcuts to certain persons. At the moment of creating such a widget one has to choose a contact and afterwards clicking on the widget (which since it’s a 1x1 widget just looks more or less like the app icon) doesn’t start the app but rather call e.g. Aaron.
I hope it’s clear where I’m heading to, but if not: The implementation of such a procedure as a widget would allow to create shortcuts to open the app in a certain state. One could create a shortcut for Next with the tag @Work and with @Home, respectively, and choose the right one to start the app depending on where you are.

What do you guys and especially @Andrei think of this?

I’m no developer, so I’ve got no idea how complex the implementation would be - but I guess rather simple compared to actual location-based things. And this could also find applications in situations where you don’t change your location but the role, e.g. home office situations.


I really like this idea. Very useful and not difficult to implement. Added to list A.


Wow, glad to hear/read that! :slight_smile:

If there’s something I/we can help you with like e.g. testing something or give some feedback, please just ask.