Batch scheduling

Hi Andrei,

It is currently possible to highlight multiple items in eg Focus or Next view and drag and drop them all at once into scheduled. This is useful when your Focus/Next view has become unmanageable and there is more in there than you’ll be able to achieve today or in time period x. However, revising the scheduled date can only be done one by one.

Feature request: enable the highlighting of multiple actions to be maintained and clicking the date on one brings up the calendar view and the selected date would then be applied to all highlighted actions.



See also Option to postpone a task for one day or one week. Would be great if we could postpone multiple items for one day or one week. Just noticed that moving to scheduled already schedules for the next day actually, but you cannot postpone for a week or for a specific day.

I’d love to have an option for this too

Nirvana does this by showing a date picker when dragging tasks to the ‘scheduled’ section