Change storage location in sqlite base under windows


For reasons of confidentiality on a working pc under windows it is possible to modify the location of the sql lite database under the user profile (because it is in plain text) to another location or failing to encrypt this locally based, much like standard notes does?
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It’s not officially supported, but you could try specifying a database path relative to the default app directory.

In config.json, add

"databaseFilename": "..\..\EncryptedDir\db",

Replace the path with the correct one for your scenario. I’m not sure how relative paths are specified on Windows, but it should be possible.

Once you change the setting, start Everdo and it will create an empty database in the specified localtion. Once you verify that the database is created in the right place, you can replace it with your actual database from the original app directly.

thank you very much for this reply.
By cons I can not find the file config.json in the directory of the everdo application, I have to create it?
What is the syntax to respect?
Thank you

Of course, I forgot to mention that the config file only gets created once you change something in the default configuration. Just go to app settings or press Ctrl+,, then press apply. That will save the configuration to the file.

Regarding the syntax, you will see lines as follows. You’ll need to add the databaseFilename setting to specify the path.

"zoomFactor": 1,
"weekStartsOnMonday": false,
"archiveDays": 90,
"databaseFilename": "db"

You can use this exact syntax, just be sure to replace db with the actual relative path. Make sure to leave the quotes in place.


I just modified the config.json file everything is ok now, thank you very much once again.
Do you plan to add this possibility in a future version?
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I would like this configuration setting to work with absolute paths. That would be easier to configure for the user. Also documenting this would help. Other than that, I think it works pretty well.