Two database instances under Windows

Hi, I read the post about changing storage location but I would like to start Everdo with a different database folder as a second instance. That means not changing the config.json to redirect it somewhere else (ahtough useful for my work evironment), I want to store less important items in there that do not have to clutter up my database. Is there a possibility with a batch file to start Everdo with a path to a second database and config? I don’t need sync in that option, just a local database.

Thank you.

By default Everdo writes into a location that is determined by the operating system guidelines. I will see how much trouble is to support a custom data directory.

Hi Andrei, I was triggered by the method to use an environment variable. I would he helped if I could give a path to Everdo, or use an env-variable such as;

set EVERDO_DATA_HOME = "c:\user\jorgd\everdo_data"

It might be relatively easy this way. MLO2 uses multiple profiles to switch between various contexts which are totally unrelated to each other.

Thank you for looking into this.

Sure, it could be done like this or as command line arg.

I can now confirm that in the next desktop update there will be an option to specify the data directory as a command line argument. For example you will be able to launch two apps as simple as this

$ everdo --multiInstance 
$ everdo --multiInstance --dataDir /home/user/.config/everdo-2
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That is great news. Especially when I am working on a terminal server and I need to secure my tasks on a different location like a network share. It will also enable (I hope) cross platform usage where when I switch to my Linux machine I can access my tasks there as well. Thank you for implementing this.