Collapse/expand improvements

Collapse all and expand all should be a toogle/switch button on desktop


I completely agree with this!

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Any plans for this one?

Any plans for a toggle keyboard shortcut?

Very happy with the latest update.
Unfortunately I cannot use these keyboard shortcuts!
Is having a separate icon for “collapse” / “expand” difficult …while waiting for a global choice in the settings?

I will try to ensure that we can save the state of collapse/expand for individual items in the next update. Hopefully, this solves the problem better.

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I know I repeat my self but I thinks it’s important:
Saving the state won’t lead to the desired behaviour in the inbox where new items still will be expanded by default (remember a real problem when emails are shared to everdo with those long emails with pages of text embedded )
I’d prefer collapsed by default and from there on store the actual state.
This is needed on desktop as well as on the mobile platforms.

PRIMARILY: add a configurable default setting SECONDARILY: store the actual state

If you don’t want to add the default setting, could you please elaborate why you choose to do so?


Great point, thank you!

So this is what I’m seeing so far.

  • We will store the collapse/expand state at item level.
  • The collapse/expand states of the same items are not synced between devices. Different devices have different requirements as to what should be collapsed.
  • Add a setting that will ensure that the newly created inbox actions are saved as collapsed

Thanks for watching this problem.
I see 3 points around this problem.
1 / storage in the settings of choice: “collapse/expand” to respect everyone
2 / the minimum: avoid having an icon with 2 states by adding 2 different icons: “collapse” + “expand”. You can’t imagine how many clicks I will save after a day !! (the system icons before the tags)
3 / keep in memory if possible the state of each project !?

When I do a collapse all, will this iterate through all items in the current view and store the state to the items?
Will there be an easy way for me to set/reset the collapse state of all items in everdo to a desired state?

What do you mean by that?

I think it should, is there a reason not to?

It can be added if needed. But at the list level, collapse all/ expand all should suffice.

No that’s perfectly fine, I just wanted to know if this will be the case.

I just was looking for a way to quickly collapse everything (inbox, next, someday, waiting, scheduled, projects) without having to touch every list once.

collapsed by default and from there on store the actual state :slight_smile:

As a heads up, this improvement is getting released in the upcoming update.

  1. Save manual collapse/expand state changes permanently, on-device only (not synced)
  2. A global setting for “Hide notes by default” which determines the presentation of newly created items. The settings stops applying as soon as the item is manually collapsed or expanded.
  3. Copy collapse state from a repeating template action to its clone on creation

Please, don’t forget about mobile apps.

Is there an estimated date for this update?

Next week is likely.


A bit more testing is required for Support bulk move via multiselect and drag and drop - #4 by Mateusz , so probably no release this week, but early next week the update is coming out.


This is now available on iOS (1.3).

Any news/plans for the toggle button for Android?