Colors and Theming

I wanna see Dark theme, too. Here’s another inspiration for a dark color theme.

This theming is popular on Linux.


+1 for the dark theme.
Many people use dark UIs on their computer, and many apps nowadays support dark themes (a few examples:
Personally, I work during the night often, and a dark UI is easier on the eyes for me.

Perhaps an ability to customize the theming would be useful - in general, I think that many of the feature requests on this forum could be handled by users themselves if Everdo supported some sort of customazibility or a plugin API. For example, this helped the Sublime Text editor reach a high level of popularity, even though Sublime Text was created by a single developer, and the API is quite simple (e.g., see


Perhaps your screen is too bright. Lots of people uses their screens with too bright backlight, because of the default settings or they like the brighter colours.
Your screen shouldn’t be the only light in your room. Have a good light in your room is better for your eyes. Then hold a blank sheet of paper next to your screen and adjust the screen brightness (in white areas) to the same brightness of the paper. Perhaps now you don’t need a dark UI anymore.

I prefer light UIs over dark ones, while having a little light in my room and my screen brightness dimmed to 10…20%.

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While I’m not saying that you’re not correct about a bright background being better for the eyes (health-wise), there are many people who are used to a dark UI, and are unlikely to change their preference. It seems better to actually have a dark UI available, and this seems to be becoming relatively standard.

Btw, one additional reason why I used to prefer a dark background is that I lived in a 1 room studio apartment where my wife slept while I worked in the night. Even with the screen brightness set to 0%, my wife found it impossible to sleep without me switching on the dark UI in all the applications (there are browser add-ons that do this, for example, and many apps and websites support it natively).

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I would also like the options for a dark theme/UI. I just purchased the software, and to be honest, it was the only reason I was considering not purchasing.

My whole life is dark themed out. Would absolutely love for this program to match.

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+1 on the availability of a dark theme, or maybe the possibility to have community driven themes/palette?
I am also a user of the arc theme that TKTK mentions above for all my (Linux) applications, it would be nice to be able to align Everdo appearance with that.

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I think that the impact you are seeing now is the joy it brings us.

Yes it is not efficient and does not help anyone get anything done to have a color difference. But 50% of people feel so happy using something beautiful and it boosts their motivation.

True we are idiots but…

It can be really distracting for us dark theme users when we are going about everything in a dark theme and then open up Everdo and BLAST ! HERE IS A WHITE LIGHT IN YOUR FACE.

Sure we can squint past it but it is just another distraction.

Another thing about us dark themers is that we are already easily distracted.

Aside from all that I’d rather have timed reminders and notifications above all.

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To be clear, when I say “low impact”, it also implies “relatively to other features” and “for the average user”.

“Big effort” is also relative to other features.

This is an example of a feature that is probably higher impact and less effort.

I do understand that not having a dark theme is a deal-breaker for a percentage of users.

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Are the colors controlled with a single CSS file?
If so, perhaps exposing an option to dynamically insert a custom CSS file would enable the community to make a number of different themes for free, at the same time bolstering the popularity of Everdo.

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That would be awesome

No, this is not how it works at the moment but it’s a good idea to consider for dark mode development.


Is there any way to make Everdo run with Gtk or Qt theme?

Custom styling in css file is a great idea.

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A solution needs to support all platforms. This means a dark/light switch with OS setting detection, and potentially a more granular css-like approach to override specific elements (unless it turns out to be too difficult to add).


I just installed your app, so far, it’s what I needed. I’ll be doing some testing to see if it fits me before purchasing. But I was kind of sad to see that there wasn’t a dark theme option (if any color/style customization).

Would it be possible to have any feedbacks on the developpement status of this possible feature?
When(/if) will it be available ?

Thanks in advance

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As can be seen from Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog, the dark theme appears in the list of desired features, but the priority is lower than many other features. Today I would probably prioritize a bit higher, but still there’s lots of other development work that seems more important for the general user. So unfortunately I think it’s a while until we can add the dark mode or theming.

Thanks for your reply.

Glad to hear that you might prioritize it higher! For me, it would be really ideal to have it as I use dual screen and I’d like to put it “Always on Visible workspace” and/or “Always on Top”, with multiple windows open in dark theme mode, the white hurts my eyes (specially late at night). But I understand that it’s not high priority.

Anyway, happy to hear that it will be implemented ! :slight_smile:

Count me for another vote to Dark UI implementation…


I’m in for this, too

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For me a dark-mode is actually the one thing making me consider to wait before buying this. I know it isn’t the most important since it is just a style change. But I’m usually working nights (since I work a lot with the US from Europe) and everytime I go into Everdo with that bright colors my eyes gets a huge chock. :smiley:

All my other apps has a dark-mode (VS Codium, Joplin, Discord, etc.), so it is always a bit strange switching over.

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Yeah, well I’m definitely waiting before purchasing until it has dark theme. The last few weeks, I just wasn’t able to use the app at night at all, I didn’t want to switch to the app anymore even if I had to, because it would hurt my eyes too much. I just started taking the notes elsewhere (like sometimes directly on the IDE…) with the idea of putting them on Everdo the next morning… which resulted me using the app less and less as days progressed.

I hope it won’t take ages for it to happen… as I can see that it was first suggested in December 2017…