Colors and Theming


Super happy to have stumbled upon Everdo, Your interface already looks quite good. I’ll go deeper over the next few days. Just because your green throws off my colorscheme I have to ask if it would be possible to make the header color adjustable for paid members.

I think this make sense to reserve as a pro feature since it somewhat detracts from your brand.

Also, any talks of a dark UI?


Hi @wrathagom, happy to have you!

This makes sense. I will add it to the backlog, but can’t promise to treat it as high priority.

If you were to pick a header color, what would it be?

This is considered both a big effort and a fairly low impact. This means it won’t happen any time soon.


A dark theme, or at least the ability to customize the CSS, would be super.

Contrast, font, legibility improvements


Dark UI would be great, or as john said, even just css customization.
I find white backgrounds very tiring on the eyes and have everything I can dark UI-ed.

Same goes for the android app, would love to see a dark UI for it, or even better - AMOLED dark (true black) for amoled screens.


I wanna see Dark theme, too. Here’s another inspiration for a dark color theme.

This theming is popular on Linux.