Context sort option / German localisation?

Thanks for the app. Great Windows alternative for Things.

What about a sort by contexts option?
Do you plan to translate the interface into German?

Please elaborate on this - how and when would it be useful. Keep in mind that there can be multiple tags assigned to an item.

Please see this topic regarding localization Translation into other languages


I would like to give some comments on the sort by Label/Context.

Use case:
I want to print out a list of all next actions, sorted by Context, so I can use it offline (real offline ;-))

I guess this is more of a report than a sorting in the Next view - as next actions with multiple contexts (for me e.g. @computer_home and @laptop) would in this case be shown under each context.
So it would not be relevant for the overall next action list, because there we do not want to have double entries.

Perhaps a reporting module (I think I read somewhere that you use an SQL DB underneath) can do the trick here? Could possibly also solve many other use cases.

I think Next → Group By Context might be what you need?

Yes exactly! Would-be BR excellent

I thought about this, and I think that this feature is too much effort to implement for the amount of benefit it provided. If I understand correctly it’s only really useful for exporting lists, so that you can export the lists for all contexts at once instead of exporting each context separately to the same file. This means it saves only a few clicks, unless you have a lot of contexts, right?