Dark Theme, New Keyboard Shortcuts And Usability Improvements - Everdo 1.5.3- Everdo

Jan. 7, 2021

In this update we are introducing the first iteration of the long-awaited Dark Mode feature, as well as many other features and improvements for the dekstop app.

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Thank you for this new version :slight_smile:
Can you tell me how to update v1.5.2 -> v1.5.3 appimage ?
I have
1/ close the application
2/ downloaded v1.5.3 appimage
3/ change the launch file
… /Everdo-portable/Everdo-1.5.2.AppImage" --multiInstance
4/ click on this file which has execution rights
=> the application is not launched

Will I have to insert the key for the pro version every time afterwards?
Can you also answer my question about synchronization with the android application?


Could you update your help pages with these new keyboard shortcuts (plus others added in previous releases)? The help pages have fallen behind.

Thank you. The shortcuts page is now updated.