Desktop integration w/ AppImage

When I install Everdo as a .deb on Ubuntu, I get full desktop integration (i.e. a menu option)

When I “install” (OK, really just execute) Everdo as an AppImage on Redhat, there’s no desktop integration - no icon or menu option w/ Gnome 3

Can you bundle a .desktop file with the AppImage for us?


I definitely remember that desktop integration used to work in AppImage. I will look into this.

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Apparently, the desktop integration of AppImages “by default” has been deprecated in favor of AppImageLauncher. As far as I understand, the launcher takes care of integration for all AppImage files.

I’m not sure why exactly the former way was removed and whether it’s possible to bring back without reverting to older versions of the build system.

OK, interesting. I’ll install the AppImageLauncher rpm on my work system and see how it goes. Thanks!