Disabling recurring


How to disable repetition of a task after making it repeating?

Also, is there a way to schedule a task at a specific time of the day? For example, I have to give medicines to my dog twice a day, for now I have 2 repeating tasks for it.

Thank you

I am not 100% sure but I believe you have to delete your task if you want to stop process of creating new items. When it comes to the second question it is one of the features to implement. Please have a look at the available roadmap.

It’s easy to change a repeating task to just a scheduled task on the desktop version by just rescheduling the task without the repeating option. I usually only use the Android version to capture ideas and not for scheduling so I’m not very familiar with the options but you could try to set the criteria for the recurrence to end to 1 instance.

To disable the repeating behavior, the task needs to be modified not to be repeating. That can be accomplished by moving the task to a different list, for example Inbox or Someday depending on what you mean.

If you only want to skip it a few times, I would suggest just letting it repeat and then deleting the clones when they appear.

Thanks, gypsyav and Andrei.

I did not try to schedule the task again, but that solved it.

I am still getting used to dragging commands, I am more a keyboard person.