Drag-drop email, URLs to create tasks

It would be nice to drag an email from Outlook and create a task with the title set to the subject and a link to the email. Additionally, I would like to drag and drop URLs from my browser to Everdo to create tasks for them, too.

Use case for HTTP links:

We have an internal issue tracker at work I have to use, as many large companies do. I need to use that, but I want to organize the issues in EverDo with the rest of my tasks.

Use case for Email:

It’s not an uncommon approach to treat email as to-do items. Many small requests at work often arrive through email. Or you have to do some research and reply by a certain date. I’d like to drag such emails into EverDo to organize.

Swift ToDo does this very well. http://www.dextronet.com/swift-to-do-list-software

This was recently discussed here: Email importing

Unfortunately, at this moment, drag and drop of anything to Everdo is not possible to implement because of the limitations of the underlying technology.

It’s possible, however, to have something like a browser/outlook extension to import emails, content, URLs as Everdo tasks.

I see.

Swift ToDo List installs an Outlook plugin that gets added to the ribbon. There’s a button to import the selected email as a task. Optionally including the email body as the note body. With an outlook:// link back to the email.