Eek?! Reoccurring Projects don't show contained actions?!?

Please don’t give me the bad news.
This is going to kill my whole workflow.

I expect to do reviews on various intervals during the week. I expect the project that needs reviewing to come up and I can tap the actions button and check the progress on contained actions but the project is empty which causes me to think that, “I completed all the tasks already?”

See the image “Daily Habits”

That’s really inconsistent and confusing and painful.

You’re making so much extra work for people and for yourself.

###another subject but###

The reoccurring tasks as templates idea is also causing new problems. If I didn’t do a reoccurring task, I expect to be able to differ it to a new time; instead even after differing it a new template is created the next day and then I have two tasks or if it is daily and I keep differing, the tasks keep getting created. But I expect only one auto-generated task to exist .

I don’t know what to say. Not being able to have reoccurring projects that I can just jump into and confirm quickly the status on the contained actions is really crushing me :[

I’m already having to add a whole extra step to my every day to find what tasks I need to do at what time and group them so I can get timed reminders on my phone and watch via Google Keep.

Having to do that again and again every day when I could just set timed reminders for time centric tasks is really heavy.

I think a lot of people are on the go , like me , and realy on their mobile devices to nudge them.

I know. Complain complain complain but I can’t really do much else at the moment.

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