Repeating projects

Tasks can already be set to repeating; it would be a nice touch if Projects can as well.

It’s a great way to make a set of actions repeating without having to set the repeat on each individual item.

The additional benefit of this is that repetition becomes dependent on completing the project (“repeat when last action is complete”)

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I understand the solution, but not the problem.

What would be a real-life example of a project like this, where a simple scheduled checklist would not work even better?

I’m thinking of a project more as an “outcome” rather than a predefined series of steps.

I’m experimenting with checklist but see that the difference is time.

Example of a checklist: Daily/Weekly Review. 1 “thing”, 10 steps.

Example of a sequential, recurring project in time broken up into multiple deferred tasks: dust the house. One room or area every 2 days, 5 rooms/areas to go. In this case you want: 1 action at a time to appear in Focus – not a list of all the things you’re not going to do today. Once you’ve checked off the last item you want the project to repeat.

Recurring projects I have this way:

  • Household tasks
  • Christmas (I need to start doing specific things, but not all things, in November)
  • Winter preparation (again, I need to do specific things but not all of them)
  • Travel (I travel twice a year and need to go through specific actions in time)

So the answer distilled from above is actually: for things that require more than one physical action to complete, a Project (a stake in the ground, a placeholder) is required. Otherwise anything that requires multiple actions could, instead of a project, be a simple checklist. We don’t do that, we make a project. It’s the same logic. Otherwise asking to have Projects would be solved by using checklists instead.

All right, I see. Can relate to the travel planning example.

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Andrei. Thank you for making projects repeatable. But now that they are repeatable I’m having trouble understanding how to dismiss them from my “Focus” list.

They show up as overdue with no way to dismiss them.

I hope you don’t get frustrated with repeatable projects and abandon the idea because since Everdo only provides simple checklists and not nested tasks like Todoist, the only thing that satisfies our need for this is being able to add checklisted tasks to projects.

Please do not abandon this. It is almost working.

We just need to be able to dismiss the projects when they show up in the focus list.

I can see that this is a struggle for the methodology that Nirvana and Everdo have chosen to take but this is a great place for you to further break away from Nirvana for a good cause.

Nevermind .

I found it.

I just swipe them to the right and they are moved into “done”.

Perfect. Thank you.

I think the projects are not still not technically repeatable. Can you describe specifically what you mean when you say they are repeatable?

By the way, only overdue actions/projects show up in Focus with no way to hide them. Actually there is a way to hide them and that is to remove the due date, or move it to the future.

Sure they are. Here’s how you make them. First make a repeating task in scheduled and setup how often you want it to repeat. Then drag that task to projects and it becomes a non checkable repeatable scheduled project. I can confirm that it is even different from normal scheduled projects because it shows when it will become due next.

Or, swipe them to the right.

Please don’t give me the bad news.
This is going to kill my whole workflow.

I expect to do reviews on various intervals during the week. I expect the project that needs reviewing to come up and I can tap the actions button and check the progress on contained actions but the project is empty which causes me to think that, “I completed all the tasks already?”

See the image “Daily Habits”

That’s really inconsistent and confusing and painful.

You’re making so much extra work for people and for yourself.

###another subject but###

The reoccurring tasks as templates idea is also causing new problems. If I didn’t do a reoccurring task, I expect to be able to differ it to a new time; instead even after differing it a new template is created the next day and then I have two tasks or if it is daily and I keep differing, the tasks keep getting created. But I expect only one auto-generated task to exist .

I don’t know what to say. Not being able to have reoccurring projects that I can just jump into and confirm quickly the status on the contained actions is really crushing me :[

I’m already having to add a whole extra step to my every day to find what tasks I need to do at what time and group them so I can get timed reminders on my phone and watch via Google Keep.

Having to do that again and again every day when I could just set timed reminders for time centric tasks is really heavy.

I think a lot of people are on the go , like me , and realy on their mobile devices to nudge them.

I know. Complain complain complain but I can’t really do much else at the moment.

Repeating projects are not supported at the moment. Looks like you were able convert a repeating task into a project because the app allowed it (it’s a bug). But there is no code to make the actual repeating part to work for the project (copying it’s actions, etc).

I will see if this functionality can be included in the next iteration.

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I’ve stopped doing recurring projects for most things and changed my recurring projects to projects scheduled finished in the past but due in the future.

for recurring projects though, I have found a great use case of having birthdays or holidays as a project because projects inside those huge events are often the same.

Then I get this kind of thing. The clone is only thrown up once a year so It is easy to differ and manage the project appropriately.

As you can see it is important to review the project a month before the event happens.

It is possible in the current ios version. is it a new feature or bug or not fully implemented something?:slight_smile:

what is even more strange I created project inside project…

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