Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.18- Everdo

Each list now stores it's own state and restores it appropriately. This applies to every navigation item, such as the standard lists (Inbox, Next, ...), as well as specific projects and notebooks. When switching between lists, or using back navigation shortcut, the following state elements are restored:

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A note to users on Windows.
The installer is signed with our new publisher certificate, so Windows 10 might warn you about “unrecognized app”. Click “More info”, and “Run anyway”, as long as the publisher is recognized (Intellation Ltd.). This warning will stop after more users run the new installer.

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Great update!!!
Nonetheless, some issues are still there:

I want to suggest to include note collapsing state into remembered view.

Yes, the first one was not fixed

This data should really go into the database as a property of each item. This is actually listed as a feature to be implemented.

The second one also is not fixed.

When we group items by projects then the green project link which is next to the task title should be hidden. It is repetitive information and additional “mess” on the screen.
What do you think?

I have one more suggestion.
I think there should be an option to group a focus list by items state. There should be separate sections for Actions, Waiting, Project, References

This feature was delivered just in time because today I needed to clone one of my monthly projects!

I love this so hard, you can’t imagine !!!

I think this might work well as long as there’s still an obvious way to go to the project.

Probably a good idea as well.

When it comes to notes collapsing maybe in the meantime you could make them collapsed as default?

Thanks for the update @Andrei, the problem with thr proxy authentication is solved for me as well. :+1:

The context menu to assign a task to the project is completely different than the other parts of the interface. It looks rough and strangely.

What is more important definitely ther shoulb be a way to seach a particular project by name or phrase.

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My Next list on the top filter bar shows tags that aren’t used with any task on the list.
There are no done items.
It is strange…
It happens on macos. Tomorrow I can check on windows if needed.

iOS app shows everything correctly.


what do you think about this?

Yep, that would really be helpful. And please on android too.

What icon do you mean?


Two types of projects, the same icon.
I am sure that vertical and horizontal lines as an icon dependently on project type would be a better idea


The easiest way is to add a link which is visible only when hover a mouse on project name section. This is how it works in Nirvana.

I see, but is it valuable to distinguish between sequential and parallel projects in this context?

Maybe there is no big value but using the same icon which doesn’t have meaning is probably even less valuable:)

Hey there,
just wanted to let you now that i use Everdo on Fedora. I am a little sad about the removal of the .rpm package, but as long as it is ok to extract the AppImage i am fine.

Does anyone have similar issue?