Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog


The plan is to release something functional this spring. If all goes well with ESS roll-out, then it may be sooner.


This looks very promising. Any plan to offer the ability to self-host the sync server after ESS will be rolled-out?


This is not in the plans right now, but it will be considered after more urgent features are done. It’s quite niche as you probably understand, so other work takes higher priority.


A niche, well yes and no. One of the main reason to leave a service like Todoist is (probably for many?) that it is expensive. Paying something once is really a great option. If sync implies to pay every month/year, that might be a reason not to make the switch!


Just wanted to express my anticipation for the iOS app. :slight_smile:


Any ETA on the bulk-edit feature? This is probably the main thing that I find myself wanting on a daily basis. I use time-blocking as my main time management technique and use a tag per time block (a, b, c) - being able to quickly assign multiple tasks to a block would be very nice!

Keep up the great work!


Can’t tell, unfortunately. I have a few suggestions that might make time blocking easier for now. I’m using this approach myself.

  • If you are on Desktop, using context tags for your time blocks. That makes it easier to quickly assign the tag via drag and drop vs using the item editor every time
  • Using areas as blocks where appropriate
  • Tagging the project so that all sub-items get the appropriate tag

Hope this helps.


Ah, the dragging is a good idea, thanks.


iOS App Status Update

It’s clear now that making the Q1 deadline is not going to be possible. But the progress is good. I expect internal testing to start any day now and inviting users from the community in a few weeks.

The approach to rolling out features is going to be the same as with the Android app. The app will start out with just Inbox and sync functionality. Then missing features will be incrementally added.

Please PM me your email address in order to participate in testing and get early access to the app.


@Andrei, I just wanted to chime in on this:

  • Browser extension for clipping (maybe)

I think this would be a nice way to bookmark online articles/videos to read/watch later. Currently I manually copy the link and paste into my Everdo inbox. It works but is cumbersome and takes me out of a flow. I think an Everdo browser extension (or cross-browser bookmarklet?) would be very convenient. Do you have any thoughts?


Yes, this would be nice.

For now, keep in mind that on Android you can already “share” the page to Everdo and it will get added to Inbox automatically with a clickable link and correct title (most of the time).


Wow, I didn’t know about that Android feature! It works great!


I joined everdo recently so I imagine I am still not allowed to send PMs but I am interested in testing the iOS app as it is the platform I use the most. How can I send you my email address?



Added to the list, welcome to the forum!


Andrei, I’m in the same boat as emilioruizt. Just joined the community and can’t send you PMs yet.

I recently downloaded the Windows version and I really like it so far. I use Windows desktop while at the office and iPhone/iPad while on the go.

Can I test the iOS app? Thanks!



the list of improvements is outstanding. I am very eager to pay for an app which has that functionality and such sleek interface either. The question is, when do you plan to implement this list? Is this a plan for the next few years or rather months?
For example, if I see correctly, calendar integration was mentioned more than a year ago.


The backlog is here to keep track of suggestions that we want implemented. Unfortunately I can’t say when everything gets implemented. If I remember correctly, the calendar feature you mentioned was suggested when the initial versions of desktop app were just being released, long before the Android app or any sync development even started. Now the focus is on the iOS app to cover all target platforms. After that, the lists of improvements will be tackled.


Yes, I know it’s not easy and there is no guaranty to implement everything.
Nonetheless, I believe it’s possible to estimate this in a longer term like a few months or even years. If you have plans to implement, for example, a half o this list in next 6-10 months and the second half in next year than it sounds rational for me. But if you are going to implement one feature per 6 months then its something different:)

I have been observing your project for the last few months and I am honestly impressed.
Unfortunately, I have seen many projects which were very promising at the beginning but eventually, became dormant.

You seem to be a very frank, passionate and engaged guy so I believe you even if there is no guarantee. Basically, it’s sure that you wouldn’t be able to do everything that you plan but I am also sure if you say: this is the plan, then you will do a lot to accomplish as many as possible :slight_smile:

By the way, have you thought about giving each user a vote for the most anticipated feature?


This sounds about right.

No, I havent. I think I understand the major pain points from looking at the backlog and reading the forum.


I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements to the core app myself, as I use it all the time. Things do tend to take longer than originally expected to implement. But I think the progress is still good when considering the whole ecosystem and not just one specific app.