Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog

Looking forward to Dark theme and timed reminders / setting a due time to get a notification on mobile device. All the other stuff can really wait. Is there anywhere to vote on this kind of stuff?

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No, there’s no voting on features. All voices here are being heard and taken note of.

It would be fine but not necessary.

All your sync features you ended up going with are really well thought out.
It’s actually amazing the rout you chose to take.

+1 for the ability of setting reminders and a dark theme. :slight_smile:


Hi Andrei, I think is necessary to can create inbox items from anywhere on the OS with a floating window!

+1 for a dark theme on the desktop and mobile apps, but especially on the mobile apps :grinning:
(I use the mobile app extensively on the move in the dark early morning and late night hours)

Yes, I can dial the darkness down on my device but a dark theme would be nicer on the eyes…

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It would be great to add the following features to the backlog:

  • Add the “Due Tomorrow” filter option.
  • Group by “Tomorrow” in Scheduled as it is done in the app.
  • Set/unset focus (star) while editing an item

A way to set/unset focus (star) while editing an item

Due Tomorrow and group by Tomorrow in Scheduled section

Yes, these suggestions are not lost. Smaller improvements are listed in a different place. Otherwise this backlog would be many screens long :slight_smile:

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