Everdo Feature Ideas

I would find a filter by start date helpful. I know smart searches were discussed above, something like that may allow a view for started and due to be combined. On any given day, I typically want to see what tasks that I should be working on (i.e. started) and what tasks are due.

But isn’t this already possible? A started task appears in “Next”, otherwise it would still be in “Scheduled”. No need for a filter, right? In addition, when a tasks “starts” it gets focused automatically, so you can’t miss it.

Is there going to be Calendar Integration in future?

Probably not until the sync and mobile apps are finished. Then some sort of integration will be considered.

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Got it, thank you for the explanation.

Thanks everyone for participating.

I have just created a separate roadmap topic where you can see the backlog and links to topics to discuss specific features and improvements.

This topic is still the place for new suggestions and ideas.

I have created a separate topic to discuss things like contrast, fonts, etc. If you see specific areas that need improvement - please share.

The distinction in Omnifocus of Parallel, Sequential, or Single Actions list very useful. Some things can be done in any order, some not.

But regardless of whether you would implement that or not, and I hope you do implement, the setting OF has to “Show only first available from every project” in views is very handy and could be a reasonable proxy for this setting.

True, you don’t want Everdo to be needlessly complex – but you also don’t want to make the next Wunderlist.

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Big feature request for me is a better way to assign a task to a project. NirvanaHQ has it, Omnifocus has it; within the place, the context, where you create your task you can assign not just context, dates, energy, and what not…but to which project the task belongs.

Just on the personal level I have 39 projects going. Dragging & dropping tasks is cumbersome. Too much friction.

Oh, another feature request I keep running into when I’m using Everdo: close/minimize to systray.

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Yes, this is in the backlog already.

This won’t hurt. I’m just curious - how is this useful for you?

While not ideal, It probably does make sense to have the parallel / sequential distinction. Added to backlog.

  • I run a lot of programs but also like to have an uncluttered taskbar
  • I have caps lock mapped to close tabs/programs… I never want to close my to do program. Use example: Evernote runs in the tray. I hit F7 to search something, then caps lock to close the program – and it closes to the tray
  • Keyboard/out of the way: see above. Hitting F7 is how I always pull up Evernote. With Everdo in the tray I would hit a key (combination) to quickly capture to in (reminds me: would also be a feature request then…) or a key (combination) to pull up the program (also reminds me that that too would be a feature request)

So all in all: any app that runs every day, all day, for my part should be out of the way, to be pulled up quickly at the stroke of a key. Frictionless.

More/again feedback on the Next view.

The way it currently works it’s more of an All Actions view for me then a Next Action one. Any task you put in anywhere will show up here, whether you can do it already (sequential project) or whether you can do only 1 thing at a time (parallel).

An All Tasks view is great; excellent for review and to pick tasks to focus on. But a Next Actions view you don’t need to think about again is useful as well.

Besides the sequential/parallel settings for projects a “keep it simple” view setup could be:

  • Rename Next to Tasks or Actions
  • At the top of the screen make the clickable option available “First Available”, limiting the actions to the first one of each project

Now I see what you mean. The systray thing by itself is useless unless also have the global hotkeys to open and capture.

Yes, this whole issue is related to the way all projects are treated as parallel. After the parallel/sequential thing is added this problem will disappear.

Although even then you might want to be able to just show the first next action only, even from parallel projects. It’s a really useful view.

Can you explain a bit more about this? I don’t see way to pause a context, as in Omnifocus, so I’m not sure what your workflow is here but would be curious to learn more.

You can mark certain items or projects with a specific tag, for example blocked and then you exclude the tag from the next view by right-clicking it