Everdo for iOS updates and testing feedback

It’s strange because the only functionality that was touched by the update is the editor. Nothing related to due dates or scheduling has changed.

Do you have any more details? What’s going on on other synced devices with regards to the tasks which have disappeared from focus?

Hi, unfortunately, I don’t have anything more.
I have installed an update on my iPhone and iPad and then on both devices tasks which had late due dates were unstarred.
I can mark them manually again.

Not an iPhone user but, nice work Andrei. You’re on fire man.

Today I have found that auto starring due tasks don’t work at all. Tasks that have due date for today aren’t starred in ios app. desktop app is working fine.

I have found what causes the issue. It will begin working soon. Thank you very much for reporting!


Update - filtering, repeating

  • Repeat action dialog
  • Filtering of lists by tags, due date, time and energy
  • Fixed: actions with a due date will be stared automatically


You’re on a roll with the iOS app dude! Looks great! Keep up the good work.

Love It Andrei. Even better than the Android one. Love the quick access for everything when creating a task.
Good job!

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Update - Ordering, Split View

New Features:

  • Manual ordering of items (long tap)
  • Automatic repeating of scheduled actions
  • Split view option on tablets
  • Grouping the scheduled list by date

Here you go :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I can’t check it on iPad right now. I will do this in the evening.
But there is an issue with the iPhone. When we rotate the phone to the horizontal position the menu doesn’t appear. We have to swipe to the right to show it. It is not something big but it should appear automatically in the horizontal position.
The problem is when we rotate the phone back to the vertical position and menu is cut from the bottom to the hight from the horizontal position

On iPad, it works perfectly. I love the idea of pinning and unpinning side panel.

Update - Search functionality

It’s now possible to search the current view or the whole database of items, similar to the way search works in the Desktop app.

still exist in new version

The search seems to be working fine but after putting the phrase that we are looking for the keyboard doesn’t hide and it’s impossible to see items which are behind the keyboard.

I just installed the iOS app and I was having issues to log into the ESS service. I pressed ‘Sign in’ and nothing happened.

Looks like the problem could be related to special characters in the password? I was using: &vq%^h016DUBA5#1. Please note I didn’t have any issues to set up that password on the website nor logging in the desktop app (Windows), and I’m sure I was introducing the correct password as I use a password generation/storing system. I didn’t type it myself.

Not a big issue, but it was confusing until I decided to try with another password :wink:

Thanks for next release.
Unfortunately the screen rotation still doesn’t work correctly on iPhone. After switching to horizontal view the navigation panel is broken.

Hi Andrei! I came to let you know about a new issue on iPad caused by the split view being automatically enabled with today’s update.

This is a great idea as it uses the available screen space better, but it’s causing issues when you open the app using Slide over or iOS split view. The ‘view’ is not wide enough for us to have access to the button that would allow hiding the left menu.


Would it be possible enabling Everdo’s split view by default only when opening the app in full screen mode?

Similarly, opening the app using iOS split view (wider this time so it’s possible to hide the menu) makes the top menu and new task ‘+’ button not show properly. Screenshots before/after today’s update:


Using an iPad 2017 with iOS 12.3.1

Thank you for reading- that ended up being long!

This is super helpful, thank you very much!

@Mai I think most of these issues should be addressed in today’s update. Please let me know if anything is still wrong.

New feature

  • Sharing web pages (in Safari) and plain text in other apps directly to Everdo Inbox

When we create a new project it is possible to add energy and time property. It is not possible within the desktop app but when we do this in ios then it is visible also on desktop. I think it is an ios issue.