Everdo Network Sync Guide


I am wondering whether there is a way to run a server service on Linux without Desktop GUI?

I have created a docker image to run a synchronization server without UI. With this I am able to synchronize my devices from anywhere. If you want to try, the image is here:

The current limitations are:

  • Only manual sync works.
  • You cannot run the server behind a reverse proxy.

I’m not sure I want to fix the automatic sync because clients seem to have a fixed rate interval of 5 seconds for synchronization requests. For a LAN, as it was intended, it’s okay, but I don’t need so many requests when I’m on a WAN.


OK, not the most technically savvy, but thinking i’m doing it right to no avail. Is the port 1111? or does my computer specify? I am unable to make connection.

How far out is cloud sync? and if we subscribe is there a potential discount on app price?

Very nice work Andrei.


The port is set to 11111 by defaut.

It’s here! https://everdo.net/blog/update-1-2-2/

The app price stays the same, but the sync service price will stay low for early subscribers.


Must say I’m pretty excited. I’ve always wanted a solution that put Tasks and Notes together in a seamless comprehensive way. Are you the sole developer? I want to support the project. running on Linux with my laptop and on an android and want to beta test the sync and help provide feedback.

What’s the best solution to offer feedback? Right here on these boards?

Thanks for the well thought out development.



I was able to successfully configure sync. However, I had question about IP/hostname mentioned in the server setup. I have mentioned the ip address by doing ipconfig command using commad prompt and selecting the ipv4 address. Does this address always remain same or will it change everytime I restart the machine?


This would depend entirely on your network configuration. If you control the network, it’s fairly easy to setup a fixed IP address so that it doesn’t change.