Everdo Update 0.17.0 Export View as Text, Inline Commands- Everdo

Summary of changes:

It's now easy to get your task list out of Everdo as text. Click the 'copy' button and the tasks will be copied to the clipboard. You can then paste the data into another application to print it, include in a report or use in any other way. This export works in any view and applies to currently visible items.

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Very nice solution, the copy option.

As for the repeating icon, could it come after the star icon, so the icons align?


Thinking out loud … on the other hand, with the repeating icon first it does help make the task stand out more

In any case, the star icon is all over the place depending on the type of the item and it’s list. So changing the order in this particular case is not enough to make the stars align :wink: