Feature suggestions

Hello there

I really like this tool and considering buying the pro version of it. But one thing that actually annoys me is the way it handles its data/database. There is an export function and a sync function. To have those options is nice. But I don’t need syncing and to do it locally seems to be a bit complicated. I just want an easy way to make backups.

So I have some suggestions:

  • Let choose a directory for the database
  • Automated JSON export on exit
  • Automated export every n Minutes/Hours


The best way of making backups of anything is by copying the files completely and placing them on a different disk, or in a synced folder. A JSON export is less reliable for this purpose because it involves additional application code with potential for error. That is, a bug in the app can lead to such backups being incomplete or just not importable.

The backup by copying files

In terms of implementation, this can very easily be done on Linux systems via bash and cron. On Windows it’s also possible to write a backup script like https://stackoverflow.com/a/11280801/1456844 and automatically run it with the Task Scheduler like so Run a batch file with Windows task scheduler - Stack Overflow

The benefits of this approach are

  1. It isn’t affected by possible bugs in the app
  2. It is general-purpose, so you can use it to backup for all kinds of things, like other apps
  3. Restoring to an older database is just a matter of replacing files

Regarding the changing of the database location, please see Change storage location in sqlite base under windows - #2 by Andrei

Hope this is helpful.

I’m on Ubuntu and back up json when … I think about it.

I also took synchronization with the android application. If one of the 2 has a problem, can I export the files on the other?

The ideal: would it be possible in the configuration to choose the location of the data? It would be even more flexible for some of us to have access to it!


In this case backups are easy. Here’s what I do

  1. Create backup-everdo.sh, specify the correct source and destination paths.
cp -a -- "$source" "/home/andrei/Dropbox/backup/everdo-db_$(date +"%Y-%m-%dT%H-%M")"
  1. Make executable: $ chmod +x backup-everdo.sh
  2. Try running the script and verify results $ ./backup-everdo.sh
  3. Setup a cron rule to repeat the script. Mine is every 4 hours, which allows for a few backups during a day. $ crontab -e
0 */4 * * * /home/andrei/backup-everdo.sh

This is also possible, please see Change storage location in sqlite base under windows