[Fixed] “Everdo Quick Add” widget

The Everdo iOS app allows you to put a widget (“Everdo Quick Add”) on your Home Screen to quickly add an item to your inbox. But this doesn’t work if you already have Everdo running in the background (i.e. if you’ve opened the app recently). The button is labeled “Add to Inbox”, but if I was most recently looking at the Focus screen, the widget will add the item to Focus, and it will classify it as “next” instead of “inbox”. Similarly, if I was most recently looking at one of my project lists, it will add the item as a next action for that project. (Same deal if you were looking at your list of all projects or notebooks.) I don’t think this is intentional, because if it were, the button shouldn’t be labeled “Add to Inbox”. Items have gotten buried in random folders without me realizing.

The widget works the same as the big green “+” in the app. The last time it was discussed it was implied that behavior was by design.

I think the naming is definitely an issue here. I will look into this some more.

This has been fixed. “Add to Inbox” will create a new action in Inbox, as expected. The update will get published within a few days.

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The widget behaves perfectly in the latest version. Thanks!! :smiley:

Unfortunately, the big green “plus” in the lower-right corner uses the same code path as the widget. The result is adding actions to projects is now super painful. It seems like the widget and “share sheet” would be alike in their behavior of always adding to the inbox, while the lower-right “plus” ought to be context-sensitive as it was.

I think this one has been fixed, a fix is coming out as soon as it clears review.