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for my weekly review: when I click in project view on the actions to open the project and look for it’s next actions, is there an possibilty (maybe a keyboard shortcut) to go back to the project view where I came from?

For now I have to go back to the project view via click or keyboard shortcut and scroll down to the project I was… For one or two projects it is really no problem, but for more it’s a little bit confusing to find the projects you didn’t look already. How do you manage your project review in Everdo within the weekly review?

A “back” shortcut is a great idea for this use case. Backspace maybe. It’s effective and should be quick to add.

Personally, when I’m in this situation, I don’t notice the inconvenience because I do reviews by area, so almost always my project fit on one screen without scrolling. So I just press ‘7’ to go back to the list and continue.

Sounds great!

Also a good idea. May I ask how many areas you use? And maybe an example? I do two separate weekly reviews for my work and private life. For my weekly review at home there are not many areas left…

(I struggle a little bit to get my work life into everdo, because i can’t use the desktop version of everdo at my working place… And to organize everything on my mobile device is also a little bit tricky, since you always look like you’re doing something private at work when you look and typing in your mobile device… So I just mostly use pen and paper at work. )

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My areas change depending on what I do, but I never have more than about 4.

I tend to split my days into time blocks (in the calendar) and those map well onto my areas. For example I have a time slot almost every day when I’m doing my primary work, so I have the Work area for that. When the Work block starts in the calendar, I select the corresponding area in Everdo.

As another example, I have a Study area, where I put my learning projects such as university modules, assignments, online courses etc. I also have a dedicated time slot in the calendar to work on that area.

That is really an interesting insight in your work life! Thank you for that!

Backwards navigation has been added in today’s release. Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.17- Everdo

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