How to process inbox just with keyboard

At the moment I train my self using everdo just with the keyboard.
When processing I’m not able to move an item to the waiting for list.
How do I do this?

One thing I noted is that when pressing arrow down a bit to often the item selection get’s out of sight into the collapsed list of done items - it took me a few seconds to realize what is happening.

Next week an update for the desktop app is coming with several bug fixes and small improvements. There will be new commands added to simplify inbox processing, including the ability to assign Waiting for directly from the title.


still not possible with keyboard. At the moment I can only move between “Inbox”, “Next” and “Someday”. There is no way to reach “Waiting”
I know the command :w but then I have not possibility to choose whom I’m waiting for.

You should able to choose by tying the contact name after :w

I know, but in the drop down I’d see all the names.