Indication of instance or repeating action

I find myself adding a 🗘 icon at the end of repeating tasks.

In the scheduled view the repeating icon makes clear this is a repeating task. Once the task is up for its repeat and a copy gets listed, it’s not clear from that instance if this is a regular task or a repeating one.

My workaround works fine for me but an automatic indication would be nice.

This is a really nice hack! Will definitely try it myself.
Why do you need to know at a glance that a particular task is repeating?

A repeated task I don’t want to do doesn’t need to be moved or rescheduled; I can just delete it in Focus

Scanning my tasks to determine what I need to do also sees me feeling a different priority between a singular NA and a repeated one.

I’ve set a shortcut in AutoHotkey for the repeat icon so that works for me

Good points, thank you.

Repeating task icon added in Everdo Update 0.17.0 Export View as Text, Inline Commands- Everdo

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