iOS App Development Updates and Testing Feedback


It’s strange because the only functionality that was touched by the update is the editor. Nothing related to due dates or scheduling has changed.

Do you have any more details? What’s going on on other synced devices with regards to the tasks which have disappeared from focus?


Hi, unfortunately, I don’t have anything more.
I have installed an update on my iPhone and iPad and then on both devices tasks which had late due dates were unstarred.
I can mark them manually again.


Not an iPhone user but, nice work Andrei. You’re on fire man.


Today I have found that auto starring due tasks don’t work at all. Tasks that have due date for today aren’t starred in ios app. desktop app is working fine.


I have found what causes the issue. It will begin working soon. Thank you very much for reporting!


Update - filtering, repeating

  • Repeat action dialog
  • Filtering of lists by tags, due date, time and energy
  • Fixed: actions with a due date will be stared automatically




You’re on a roll with the iOS app dude! Looks great! Keep up the good work.


Love It Andrei. Even better than the Android one. Love the quick access for everything when creating a task.
Good job!