iOS Development and Testing Feedback


This topic is to track progress of development and testing of the Everdo app for iOS.

Getting invited

PM me on forum or send email to to get an invite code. Don’t forget to specify your email address. Note that the current build targets iOS 11+.

What should work in the current build / things to test

  • Inbox view
  • Item capture (to inbox)
  • Item editing: title, description, focus, complete/uncomplete
  • ESS syncing (incremental and pull)
  • Navigation section (drawer menu)
  • Navigation between lists and projects

Major incomplete features / next priorities

  • Complete item layout (tags, time/energy, scheduled date, etc)
  • Global filtering by area
  • Complete item editor (tags, list, time, energy, trash)
  • Scheduling/Repeating
  • Network syncing (client mode)

Getting Started

  1. As always, backup your existing data.
  2. Install the app via TestFlight using the code you get on email.
  3. Go to in-app settings and configure ESS sync: sign in, set encryption key. Refer to ESS help page or ask here if this step is not clear.
  4. Peform a pull or a clean pull to fetch all of your existing data and add it to the iOS device
  5. (optional) Enable auto-sync. You should see sync status changing in real time if enabled. Otherwise, sync can be triggered via pull-down in any item view or with “Sync Once” button in settings.

Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog

wow, thanks so much, can’t wait to try it out


Looks good so far! The Title of a new item should have auto capitalization though, at least for the first word.


I have one question. Is it prepared only for iPhone or for iPad also?


currently the ios app is a little simple. as described, only inbox is availble. and requires ess sync.
looking forward to other lists like someday/maybe, next and etc.


Correct. A lot of work went into sync integration and other back-end code. Now more UI functionality is being added, as you can see described in my initial post.


What do you mean prepared? I have never used a todo app on iPad, so I’m not sure what adjustments are necessary. I know it run on an iPad :slight_smile:


Sometimes when an app isn’t prepared for larger screens then it’s very hard to use it.
Common example: most ToDo’s apps on iPhone has a hidden navigation panel, because of screen size. The whole screen is dedicated to the list of tasks and you have to use gestures to bring back a navigation panel.
iPad gives you more screen spaces so the app should look like on the full laptop screen.

Maby it’s not a problem. I am just curious because iPan is my primary work tool at home.


I think you mean the split view-like navigation. Definitely one of the most important features. It is being added.


A new build has been pushed today to TestFlight. A few words about this update.

The navigation section has been added for switching between lists and project like you do in the desktop app.


The navigation menu should open as usual by swiping the left edge of the screen or tapping the menu button at the top of the navigation bar.

Every list you navigate to should display all the relevant items.
Note that the item layout itself is incomplete and doesn’t include some important sections such as tags, time/energy icons and so on. That is not a bug yet. The data is there, it’s just not shown to you.

The navigation menu itself is also missing some functionality, such as tag-based navigation and docking / split view on tablets. That will be added soon.

Item creation still saves to Inbox only.

The next priority is making the Item layout to display complete data with tags, clickable links, dates, project references and so on as opposed to the simplified layout we have now.


looks good now.
still it only has ESS sync at present.
will you add local LAN sync in future?


Yes, it will be added sometime soon.