[iOS] Keyboard shortcuts

Also very interested in this. Not having keyboard shortcuts on iPad kind of hinders me trying out Everdo because most of my workflows are on an iPad. I’d also be interested in some more iOS integrations like Shortcuts. (And personally, Dark mode, but there is no dark mode on any platform and I think it is only on the “maybe” roadmap.)

Have you ever thought about adding a support for external keyboard for iPad? I am thinking about shortcuts like on Desktop.

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I don’t know enough about keyboard support by apps on iPad, so I’m going to have to learn more. I’m guessing the most important shortcuts would be navigation and creating items.


Thanks! Sounds like a good start.

Some context: Recently many iPad Pro users use external keyboards and then effectively use the iPad more like a laptop than a tablet. You usually also don’t have a pointing device like touchpad/mouse in this setup (although this is changing recently with the Magic Keyboard accessory). Thus, navigational keyboard shortcuts help quite a bit.

Also, if possible most shortcuts should be shared between desktop (macOS) and iPadOS, so it is easier to switch between devices.

Thanks for the info, this makes sense. Although I can’t quite imagine using any non-trivial app completely without the pointer.

Well if navigation through the interface and multiple input-fields using arrows and similar shortcuts becomes possible, a majority of keyboard-only workflows are quickly achievable, I think.

Another app which is often regarded as having very good keyboard support on the iPad (but also on the Mac) is Things (which is coincidentally another task management app). Here is their iPad keyboard shortcuts page as an example: Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad - Things Support
(I’m not a Things user so I can’t speak for myself though.)

It would be very useful on the iPad

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I agree shortcuts are a must. I came from things 3 but I believe Everdo manages pure GTD better hence going Pro with Everdo.

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