iOS License Key

One of my clients installed Everdo from the iOS store, upgraded to a Pro license within the app, and now wants to install the MacOS edition. He said he didn’t receive a Pro license key via email.

Is this scenario possible, and if so, how can he extract his iOS Pro license key to install other editions?


Hi @swdrumm,
There’s some limitations to purchases in iOS, which means that the iOS purchase within the app is only for the iOS version. That’s why they didn’t get a key that can be used on other platforms.
This is much better explained here: Buying in iOs vs buying on the website

@Mai Thanks! After purchasing the “universal” Pro license key off this website, what’s the best way to apply that key then to the iOS installs, or is that even necessary?

Cc: @Andrei

Simply open the product key email on your device and share the key file with the app.

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@Andrei Perfect, thanks!

@Andrei Is the Pro license key a one-time purchase that never expires, or does it have to be periodically renewed? The pricing page mentions “€3.33 per month over 2 years” so it’s a bit confusing.

The product key is a one time purchase and it never expires.

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