Javascript Error | App now refuses to open after update

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I’m looking into this. Could you please specify your operating system and the type of package you are using (deb / AppImage / snap)?

It is safe to revert to the previous version until this is resolved.

I have this issue on Mac OS 12.3.
Usually, I see this message after opening the lid of my laptop (on wake up).
Another case, when I see this error, it is after I lock and unlock my screen.

I deleted the app from my machine, re-downloaded and this issue stopped happening — works fine now :thinking:

Still happening, steps to reproduce…

  1. Open the app on Mac OSX Monterey
  2. Attempt to quit the app, it wont quit and remains running in the dock
  3. Press CTRL+E — error message appears

Also I can’t seem to close the app when i try either - you have to force quit it

I now have a complete black screen and am unable to access the app.
Is there any way I can recover the data I entered as re-installing the app did not help :sob:

yes there is, checkout Data Directory | Everdo Help

on OSX you want to go to ~/Library/Application Support/everdo and at least backup the file db

Thank you @procrastinator :+1: copied db file out of the application support directory, deleted and re-installed and it works again for now

Sames issue for me on MacOS Monterey, didn’t see this here and added a new thread.

Sorry for that Andrei, exactly the same issue. Closed the other one and copied it here:

Javascript Error in MacOS Monterey, Everdo 1.7.7

Hi Andrei,

I use Everdo on the Mac (MB Pro, M1, Monterey) and sometimes I get the attached error.

It is not something I can really trigger, it just pops up (also when I am not actively using Everdo) and I can click it away, doesn’t seem to block any normal functionality, other than that it is nagging.

Hope you can reproduce this.


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I’m looking into this, sorry it’s taking a while.

So far I’m unable to reproduce this on MacOS 12. I will continue the investigation, but please do report any relevant details if you find any. Thank you.

I was able to reproduce and fix this part. I will post a fixed build here soon.

As for this issue, I think it’s caused by some specific configuration setting, since it started working after resetting the configuration. If it happens again, please make a copy of your data directory, as it can help find which file causes the crash.

This looks related, but not entirely the same issue, I’m still looking for the cause.

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Please try the new version:

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Thanks, is installed and in the first try, I do not get the error anymore. I will continue keeping a watchful eye, and let you know how it goes :+1:

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Same :crossed_fingers: Not had the error since so far :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, now after some long-run testing I can confirm that the issue is gone. Great work and thanks for the quick fix :ok_hand:

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Also not had the issue since :+1: well done! :raised_hands:

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Glad it worked! Thank you everyone!

It looks like this release was missing from the blog and as a consequence there was no notification of its release. Just wanted to request an announcement to make sure everyone following the releases on the blog is notified (or if there’s a better way to follow new releases lmk).