Local Sync Broken for Me with a Server + Desktop + Android Setup

I have a setup where I have a headless server that is always running set up as my Everdo Sync Server. When operating with just that and my Android, sync seems to operate fine.

When my desktop app gets involved, everything goes south. All sorts of old completed/deleted/modified tasks show up. Some of them then sync back to the server. Others don’t. If I update on the server to get things back the way that I want and then do a Manual Pull From Server from the Desktop app…some updates get pulled to the desktop app, but others don’t.

I’m not really sure what else to try here. I’m on v1.5.14 for both the desktop and server and my Android app is set to update automatically.

I could probably do manual sync only from the desktop app, but that relies on me remembering to manually sync after any updates on the desktop app (which is doubly unlikely to happen sync the manual sync command is buried in the options).

Do others use a similar setup successfully? I don’t really want to run my desktop 24/7 just to run the Everdo server from it. It seems like my setup should be within the intended functionality, right?

In a moment of grasping for the obvious (“did you check if it’s plugged in?”), I restarted my Everdo desktop app and things seemed to sync up immediately. Excellent.

Should I have to do this (this is not the first time I’ve run into this)? The computer went to sleep, with Everdo open and presumably sync’d with the server. A few days went by and then I turned the desktop on and went to use Everdo and then immediately ran into these sync issues (I make sure to let it sync before I do anything else). I’ll consider restarting Everdo to get a good sync as Standard Operating Procedure for now, but this still seems like a bug to me. Hopefully the bit about restarting the app is helpful in understanding root cause here.

Could you please be more specific with regards to what goes wrong? Isolating a specific issue would be most effective for diagnostics.

Do you notice some items are missing on the Desktop, but present on Android and on the Server?
If so, then could you verify Desktop sync status? Are the clocks accurate on all three devices?

Unfortunately, I could not pin down a specific rhyme or reason as to what actions where having trouble with the sync. The main one I was focused on in the moment was that there were two Focus tasks on mobile+server that were not showing up on the desktop app.
The other big one was that doing a “manual pull” from the server on the desktop app did not work. I checked that I got a new “last sync’d” message each time I did a manual pull; no errors indicated.
The clocks should all be fine and updating from whatever time servers Windows and Android use.
I’ll see if I can recreate a simpler scenario to provide better opportunity for you to recreate the issue.

I have encountered a similar problem before, but it has been fixed now. Maybe you can try to pay attention to whether going to sleep directly while running everdo is the key to the problem.

I thought that this was the case, so I started making sure to close down the Everdo desktop client before leaving the computer. But now I’m still getting sync issues even when making sure to sync Android several times before opening up the Windows desktop client.

I’m having a hard time seeing any consistent behavior, with regard to which tasks do sync or do not. I have not had a chance to come up with any sort of testing using dummy tasks.

The one main thing that jumps out at me is that “pull from server” fails to properly pull from the server. It gives a status that it sync’d correctly, but fails to actually pull all tasks from the server.

The other thing I just noticed is that when I closed down the desktop app after trying to do a “pull from server” I had different tasks showing than when I closed the app a moment before. It’s like there was some local cached version that it was working from rather than updating from the database or using the most recent local database. This was with “manual client” sync selected in the options.

Are there any other specific logs I can provide or test scenarios that I can put together here? I can come up with my own once I’ve got some free time, but I feel like I may be shooting in the dark a bit (though I suppose you are too Andre…)

Getting sync working and reliable is very important for me to create a “trusted system”, so I’m hoping we can figure something out here.