Multi-select and edit items in bulk

Nice to have, handy, down the road. Not a must have right now.

Scenario where I felt the need the most was when I had to set a repeat on multiple items. As there are no repeating projects (yet? see: Repeating projects) all items in several projects had to be made repeating…one…by…one…


Yep, this is certainly a nice to have.
Also yes, multi-select by itself does nothing.
What you want is bulk edit, so I’ll rename this and add to the backlog.

True :smiley:

I would like to select more than 10 tasks to move or delete them permanently. I did not see any documentation. I am under ubuntu
How to do ?

This is not done yet, but very close.

Looking forward to this feature!

In my case I would like to be able to make the bulk change of tags in several tasks.

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It’s going to happen. Sorry it’s taking a while.

Any updates regarding bulk edit feature?

Bulk edit is available, at least for adding tags to items. What exactly are you missing?

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Specifically, some bulk editing functionality was added in

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Sorry, I meant for Android phones…

Ah, I see. On mobile it will definitely be a while before this is implemented.