Next action not blocked by waiting for actiion


New Everdo user here. I am used to Nirvana and I think I have a workflow question that I am not sure which option is best.

I have a project, where I am waiting for someone to complete an action. So I create a next action that I put in Waiting For. This is where I see the action “Waiting for Jenny to approve XYZ” for this project. However I do know the next action, which is “Send summary of XYZ to John” but that is not yet actionable.

When I make that action a next action, it appears above the “Waiting” action, I want it to be below the waiting action, in other words, it should not become a next action. I find putting the whole project in Waiting also cumbersome because I do not know why it is in waiting if I don’t see the action I am waiting for.

What is the best approach here? I can also understand that some next actions CAN continue while waiting. The project is sequential, so I do assume a waiting task that comes before a next action task, blocks the next action task.


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Hi Jorgen, welcome to the forum. I posted a similar thing over here Waiting For Projects

Thank you @chrisjrichards I will jump on the thread there.