Waiting For Projects

I was wondering about a sequential project. When I apply ‘Waiting For’ to a task, the next action appears in the task list. But it should wait for the previous task to be completed. Can you explain ??

It could be implemented like that - the whole project would be blocked by one Waiting For action. I understand that this is exactly what is desired in some cases. But there are also sequential projects that have non-blocking delegated (waiting for) actions, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to block the whole project just because there is a waiting for action. So both approaches are sub-optimal, but I think the existing one is good enough. It is simple and more flexible.

Thanks for your response.
I believe in that case it shouldn’t gain Focus and stay in the Next Action List.

We are waiting so badly for improvements from the list A. Just wanted to say that :slight_smile:


You can move the entire project to waiting mode after you move the task there. This will remove the next action from your next list. When you move the project out of waiting the task you are waiting for will move back to it’s original position. You just have to make sure you move the project to waiting after you move the task. Otherwise the task will disappear until the project is moved out of waiting.

Task A
Task B
Task C

If you just move Task A to waiting Task B will show up in your next actions. This isn’t what you want.

If you move the project to waiting instead of Task A then Task A disappears. Not what we want.

If you move Task A to the waiting list it creates Task B. Then move the project to the waiting list, Task A remains in your waiting list and Task B will disappear from your next actions. When you move the project back out of the waiting list then Task A returns to your next actions without Task B.

Hope that all makes sense.

I think the waiting for state for projects is not supported. Are you sure it is working properly?

Yes, I tried it before posting. There isn’t a button option for it but if you go to the Projects list you can drag the project to the waiting folder.

I don’t think this is officially supported functionality

Thanks for your interest.
Yes, it kind of works. But I would expect that be the normal functionality. Remember you can’t change the Project property but you need to drag it back to PROJECT header to make it active again !

When the project is in Waiting you can also open it, click on active, and save it. Does the same thing as dragging it back to projects. The only time you have to drag and drop is when moving the project from projects to waiting.

Andrei had answered the existing function is good enough so I was showing a way for people to work within what we have. The code is there for what Anil wants to do, it’s just the button that’s missing. It’s possible adding that button is easy and it will be in an upcoming release.

At the moment, the fact that drag and drop of projects to Waiting For works is an accident / bug. Doing that shouldn’t cause any issues, but it’s clearly not completely supported I will try enabling Waiting For for projects now and see what happens in testing.

It would also be useful if subsequent tasks in a sequential project would be dependent on the prior task being completed before becoming next actions. I’ve tried scheduling the next action in a sequential project to a few days’ time, and the following action in the project becomes active which creates confusion.