Please consider supporting hierachical checklist


i know everdo is not going to support multi-level sub-tasks.
but is it possible to support multi-level checklist?
here is the case which would be useful, first add the following task:

prepare suprise for Mary’s birthday
- prepare one of a gift that she likes:
– IPhone XS MAX
– Macbook Pro
– Samsung S10+
- her favorate birthday cake
- sweet toast on her party

here we will need 3 items of sub-checklist, and we can use 2 of “-” as the second level checklist or even 3 of “-” for further indenting. if everdo can display them as sub-items, then it will be very much helpful.


I will try to prototype and see how it works.


Thanks so much for taking this into consideration!


I would be interested in using this feature as well! I hope it makes it to the production version!


Yes a good feature for me too.


If this nesting is a feasible feature do you think that in the desktop you could support auto create nesting dashes ?

Typing a single dash and space is not too onerous but it would really help if nesting checklists is possible.

(re: Creating task checklist in description could be easier?)


Yes, will try both at the same time.