Plus Button in the App / Widget

I know there are older Requests about a widget for the app. But I really like to add a thought/inbox to everdo very quickly. I also like to use as startup List the “next” list, so i can see what i can do at every moment and work.

When I hit the + button (which my first thought was opens an inbox item) in the “next” list it opens not an inbox item, but a next item. I do not really add next actions over the app, i rather want to hit the + button really quickly. So i have to change the list first to add a new thought or i have to change the item inbox… both one click slower than hit the + button the first time.

Maybe you can give to possibility in the settings to set the + button as default to open an inbox item. It came only in my mind because I miss the + button widget, who should do the exact same.

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Completely understand this. The inbox widget will be added. I think the setting to modify “+” behavior would often do more harm than good.
I believe we need either a dedicated “add to inbox” button, or a widget.
The benefit of a widget is that it will open faster, without loading all the data. Also it can be simplified for quicker entry compared to the full editor.


The inbox widget will be do great! Thanks!