Questions before switching apps

I do not know if this is where I can talk about before buying because I have not seen any other category
After many years of experience with todoist, I want to switch to a GTD web application. I am currently testing nirvana but your approach and web application may make the difference?
I will probably buy your application quickly if I have the answers to my main questions
1 / possible migration of tasks todoist? or nirvana?
2 / I did not store in the cloud. Nevertheless I would like to activate a synchronization to FTP or my clud mega … How do I see that there was a subscription but I did not understand everything?
3 / I admit that I am also a little worried when I do not see anything published since December 2017 (even if I see active forum). Why let see: Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog !!

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Just to be clear, Everdo is not a web application at all. The practical implications of this are fairly significant and you need to understand them before switching to Everdo. You will not be able to just open a browser and see your tasks. You’ll have apps on each of your devices and have them synced either via ESS or network sync. This is never a consideration for web apps because all the data and the web app itself is hosted on the same application server. But Everdo is completely autonomous and offline, so it stores data on the device only. Therefore, it has to sync with other devices to have your data up to date everywhere.


I didn’t understand the question, sorry.

The last Desktop app update was a few weeks ago, The last iOS app update was yesterday and the last Android update was about 2-3 months ago. There will be at least 2-3 updates this year on each platform.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry but I do not speak English well, I’ll try to say it differently. I knew the GTD method and I had to compromise to use todoist (horror!).
My 2 key points are:
1 / backup
I like the idea of ​​local storage, but I do updates all day on the computer. I would like a synchronization in the clouds (because I do not have 2 computers and I do not use a smartphone for my work). I can store via FTPS or a site (Mega, others possibly). Is it possible ? how to do ?
2 / durability
I like your application, but I have hundreds of “tasks” elsewhere. Migrating is an investment in extremely important time. I feel that you are alone without a team.
I am already reassured that there is a reactive support but honestly it makes me a little afraid compared to teams!

You can backup the local database file as often as you want. It’s stored in the filesystem on each computer.

I understand. Unfortunately, there’s no way to migrate, unless you export the data and write a script to convert it to Everdo import format.

I’m not really alone, but I do the vast majority of development, for better or for worse.

Ok thanks for the reopening of the account! and the answers.
I will look closely this week by testing your application. If it’s ok, I’ll take the paid license and I hope you’ll increase in the team :slight_smile:
For the backup, I do with, hoping also an opening on cloud backup services and / or storage in a directory of choice (or I centralize all my backups to do)

I migrated from Todoist very quickly by copying all of my tasks into a single Everdo task info box ; making them all checklist items. From there I clicked the button to convert checklist items into tasks and BOOM ! Instant migration. I just had to set up tags from there but I think I remember being able to batch organize tags by grouping tasks under a project and then any tag assigned to the project got assigned to the tasks.

I was impressed with how fast I got hundreds of complex project structures organized.


HI @joshuarobison
I am very interested in your solution “by copying all of my tasks into a single Everdo task” but I miss a step.
I tried to do their backup (csv) or copy of a project but nothing works properly!!

I would try the following (I haven’t tested it)

  • export data to CSV
  • open the file in a spreadsheet program
  • remove all columns except for the task title
  • insert a column of “-” in front on the title column
  • save as CSV with space delimiter (I don’t know if Excel does that, but LibreOffice can)
  • open file in a text editor, copy/paste contents into an Everdo item

the goal of the process is to get a text file that looks like this:

- Task 1
- Task 2

There are many ways to get it depending on what tools you can use.

Edit: Actually the space-delimited CSV won’t work because your tasks probably have spaces in them… But hopefully you get the idea. You can compute a column by combining "- " with the task title, then export that.

I understand your suggestion but I will at least need to copy the notes. The structure at todoist is complex with projects, tasks, subtasks (sometimes commentaries!).
I also have LibreOffice.