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March 22, 2022

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Wonderful to see the “group by type” arriving. Thank you for adding this. It makes such a difference to the focus screen, which I use each day. :partying_face:


Love the new feature “shortcut action to create Inbox items” :partying_face:
Just one note: the default key binding is CTRL+E (no “Alt”)

Fixed that, thank you.

Hi @Andrei

Thank you for this new version. Of course, it’s all very useful. But I would like to say that I am surprised by two things:

  • I thought that the “shorcut action” by Ctrl+E support inline commands. It seems that it does not.
  • I thought that the “shortcut actiton” by Ctrl+E would have the same kind of use as on the phone. If I share (copy and paste) a text of several lines like an email it should insert the first line as the subject and the rest as the task details. It seems that it does not.

These two shortcomings make this feature useful but less effective than I would have liked.

I agree. I decided to release the feature as it currently is to avoid delaying the release further. Hopefully it’s useful enough already.

Yes of course it is already very useful. It’s just that this first version calls for a second one to further reduce the friction in the processing of tasks.
Thanks for your efforts.

Heya @Andrei

Great to see the global input capture feature coming to desktop, will make it more convenient when gathering thoughts without having to first find the application.

And while the new feature to keybind is of course great to have, the out of the box experience for myself ended up being bit difficult.

I’m personally using Colemak as my keyboard layout instead of Qwerty, but the application seems to be capturing based on the representation of the key in Qwerty
But that ended up making the initial experience that the in-app Inbox key didn’t work (since I is typed using L) and Search was now toggling the due date instead. So I had to remap fair bunch of keys in order to get the input experience to be back to what I’m used to.

I understand that this might not be the most common scenario, but would be great, if possible, to have it read the actual output of the key pressed so that I don’t have to make sure to keep a copy of the keybindings for reinstalling each time.

FYI, I’ve only tested this using Linux for now so can’t confirm this behavior is the same on Windows.
If so, understand this would make it a lower priority still, but just wanted to let it be known :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve since found out there was a guide for how to configure the keybindings, including link to the webpage which would print out the event.code based on my input. This will be handy if I ever need to do further changes, but I wouldn’t expect that new users (or those upgrading to newer version such as myself) with non-standard layouts would know to expect they should look up a guide on how to do the rebinding properly within a software

Fantastic release! Between custom keyboard shortcuts and Ctrl + E, this makes Everdo even better.

@meneverdia Thanks for the detailed write up of the alternate keyboard binding issue.

I have encountered the same issue with MacOS set to DVORAK. Interestingly, my Windows 10 computer set to DVORAK does not exhibit the “non-rebound” shortcut key issue.

Totally agree with this. I have the same problem with a keyboard in bépo configuration.

Hi Andrei,

Great feature and I already use it a lot. One thing that is happening to me (MacOS Monterey) is that the Shortcut opens the input window, but does not focus the cursor in the input field. Thus I still have to use the mouse for quick capture.

Does anyone else have this? If so, I guess this is a little bug, will log in to my windows machine to check it out there later.

Update: On windows,it works like a charm, as soon as I enter the shortcut it is focused and I can start typing, so perhaps a MacOs only issue? Let me know if I need to test something to help identify the issue :blush:


Just an hypothesis… do you have multiple screens ?

Works on Arch Linux. Might be Mac.

Good thinking, yes that had an influence.

Just tested:

  • With just the MacBook screen it works without issues
  • when extended screen it also works, but only in two steps. Like I have to press Ctrl-E, it shows the window, then again Ctrl-E and it focuses the window. Interesting

I think that it could be work with “Tab” too :thinking:

I’m using linux Mint with 2 screens and I have the same issue. Hitting the tab key brings the input box into focus. Maybe it’s the same on MacOS.

The intended behavior is to have the input focused automatically. I will create a ticket to investigate why it doesn’t always work like this.

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Love the quick capture!

Could the shortcut docs be updated with the new hotkey?